Three Years and Counting


Last Sunday marked its third year. How could I forget something so monumental? It was the first time I confessed my feelings to someone and I was still seventeen when it happened. I am not sure if knew what it means to be really in love back then. I was still naive. But after three years of being in love with the same person, I think at some point I learned something about love and its complexities.

I love him. Everything about him – his grumpiness, his frustrations, his passion, his pain, his desires, his dreams, his past, his present and his future. These things made the person whom I came to love. I am not sure if there’ll come a point that I’ll stop loving him. But as long as I still have the chance, I’ll love him with all I can. Even if this means that I have to sacrifice my happiness. This is e very reason why we’re living apart from each other.

I’ll not worry how long it takes. For loving him and having him in my life is something that I am grateful. He is my inspiration. In all the messes and challenges life has threw upon me, he was the spark of light that guided me; giving me the courage I needed to see what lies ahead at the end of each tunnel. Just like what Beatrice did to Dante. Though I’m still finding my path towards paradise, I’ll be patient and take things one at a time.

Three years isn’t long enough when you love someone wholeheartedly.


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Hi! I'm glad you made it to my page. Everything written here are my plain thoughts usually this is page where I could speak my heart out, letting other people know a part of me. Please feel free to leave some comments. Thanks! Have a great day. :)

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