The Unemployment Chronicles: The Graduation Edition


Here are some of my updates/learnings/tips, four days before I graduate:
1. Finding a job is sooooo hard! As in. Now I can finally understand the feelings of every job seeker. Definitely.
2. Be EXTRA CAREFUL when applying to job postings/openings of recruitment or consulting firms. Most of them offer contractual employment only. (Make sure you’re also familiar with your labor code to prevent being caught in an unfavorable situation.)
3. Be EXTRA PATIENT. Never rush things, such as these. I’m still waiting for other companies to invite me for an interview. (I’m still hoping that it’s nearer to you.)
4. I must know my worth as a future employee. Never settle for less.
5. The love letter I made 5 months ago reached its rightful owner.
6. However, I’m still hoping/expecting for a reply from him.
7. My family, specifically my aunt wants to invite him for my grad dinner. (That’s the most shocking news ever!) The problem is I can’t invite him because we’re still not okay. I guess we’ll never be okay.
8. There’s still no grade at myuste. (The agony of waiting if I am one of the candidate for Latin honors. So for the mean time, I must keep my fingers crossed.)
9. Tomorrow’s the second to the last day that I’ll see my friends because it’s toga day. :(( I’m gonna miss them. 😦


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Hi! I'm glad you made it to my page. Everything written here are my plain thoughts usually this is page where I could speak my heart out, letting other people know a part of me. Please feel free to leave some comments. Thanks! Have a great day. :)

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